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Sunday November 3rd

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Mykal Taylor is my guest. He joins me to talk about Mana Wildfire Logistics, an organization Mykal and his wife Molly started to help first responders and victims on the frontlines of wildfire disasters.

Mana Wildfire website

Mana Wildfire on Facebook

Mana Wildfire T-Shirt, Hoodie fundraiser


K-9 Trainer on Fox News as Commentator "Epstein didn't kill himself"!

Vaccine Mandates Primer. TONS of information on the Vaccine Fraud.

Halloween / Monster themed Political Quiz. Guess what I was?

“Just as war is the natural consequence of monopoly, peace is the natural consequence of liberty.” ― Gustave de Molinari


Toward Anarchy Meme/Pic o' the Day

Tanker Truck Mobile Home


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